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The AutoPay founders were the first individuals to invent, produce and market the code based Starter Interrupt Payment Protection devices to the marketplace in 1999. They have invented products worldwide and are listed in over 40 patents and patent pending technologies and are aggressively adding new products and designs to their portfolio.

Their continued goals have been to market and operate unbeaten electronic payment and security concepts to an expanding market and they continue to provide the winning technologies that have made them successful since opening the doors over 20 years ago. They have over 100 years of collective experience in engineering to the automotive industry and are leaders in payment protection technology. Over the years they have received the reputation that sets the standard for excellence in both their products and services. They design their products from conception to completion and have since developed a collection of GPS and payment devices that cater to individual needs.


The existing AutoPay products, secure the multi-million dollar inventories of automotive dealerships for dealers, their insurance companies and financial institutions. GPS and code based payment technologies are used to track large fleets and assure payments are received. These technologies provide a flexible, legal payment protection and tracking solution that uses microprocessor based technology to change your business risk and management of assets. The AutoPay products are distributed and sold worldwide.

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